I understand your point of view completely as you well know being a friend of my brother. Until this Trump BS clown show my bro was one of my heroes and someone I always looked up to. He and so many others like my bro can hide behind tax cuts, derugulation and packing the courts at all cost to overturn RoeVWade and eliminate the ACA but at what cost to our children and grandkids. Lies, bullying, belittling and winning at all cost becomes the norm? Hate, racism and comicity by POTUS for domestic terrorists geoups is acceptable behavior People? To People of color and immigrants are somehow less human than we are? Non Christians or people with different sexual orientations should be treated with disdain? My tolerance and hope needs much work & rebuilding and I am certainly not where you are yet. I like you removed myself from F/B a month ago and have virtually eliminated my intake of cable news. I have not and will never vote for a political party that looks more and more like a nepotistic authoritative regime just because I am a so called member of that party. I believe in leadership by example based on integrity compromise compassion and inclusiveness. People who vote for Trump now and for sometime in the futurr will be dead to me as I humbly believe they have sold their souls to a sub human carnival barker who cares only for himself. Vote

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