Thank you for your words Peter. I know it's not much, but I have reached out to my Senators with this message.

Hello Senator,

I hope you are well.

Seeing what you and your colleagues and the American people went through yesterday was disgusting, criminal, and UN-forgivable.

Where is sit I cannot understand why Donald Trump was not removed from office today!!!!!!

You have my support however, I hope the Senate and Congress are doing something to keep America safe IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!!!

Thank you.

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Agreed. I know it’s only 13 days, but yesterday was unAmerican and unforgivable. He could do a lot more damage in two weeks

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After 5 years of him inciting violence among his base & by his base I mean white supremacists , QA-non crazies , proud boys & even the ku klux klan , will the spineless veep & the enabling congressional republicans do anything ? I wish people would stop saying “this is not who we are”. Right now this is who we are.

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And his enablers must be accountable

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